Six Places To Search For Quality Hardscape Contractors In Orange County

When you want to find quality landscape contractors for hardscaping at your Orange County home, where do you look? With more and more places to search online for the right landscaper, it may not be clear what sources to rely on. We’ve put together this quick guide about the various places you can find affordable hardscape contractors in Orange County so you can save time and money without sacrificing quality.

One – Thumbtack

You can access Thumbtack via the web or app to search for local hardscape contractors, along with reading customer reviews and ratings. Thumbtack makes it simple to get cost estimates from hardscaping contractors in Orange County and generally does a good job of making it easy to filter results to narrow your candidates. 

It’s good to scan the written reviews for comments about professionalism, in addition to closely examining photos of previous jobs for quality of craftsmanship. Lastly, you can easily verify their license, insurance, and other credentials like hardscaping certifications, making this an excellent source to start with.

Two – Yelp

Yelp claims to help you find just about any local business, but the overall selection is geared less toward finding contractors and more toward restaurants and coffee shops. That said, you can still find some hardscaping contractors with reviews and ratings on Yelp that may turn out to be an excellent choice (like Signature Landscape). One nice feature about Yelp is the ability to filter results by whether or not the contractor is licensed, quickly parsing only the most reputable hardscape contractors from the crowd.

Three – HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is purpose-built to help homeowners find contractors with top ratings in their area. The website makes it simple to quickly narrow down the type of services you need at your home, like a hardscape installation. Once you enter your project details, HomeAdvisor provides you with a list of contractors to choose from. You can also opt to have up to three top-rated contractors receive your project info to bid for your business, providing a streamlined way to ensure you get the most value for your hardscaping investment. Finally, HomeAdvisor makes it super simple to read reviews and ratings, verify insurance, and check licenses of affordable hardscape contractors that don’t cut corners on quality.

Four – Angi (formerly Angie’s List)

Angi, formerly Angie’s List, has been around for quite some time now and started out as a list of recommended businesses that have been thoroughly vetted by the company and/or former customers. When you search on Angi, you can rest assured every hardscape contractor is properly insured and licensed, as the company verifies these crucial details before allowing a hardscaping contractor listing to be posted on the service. It’s also easy to quickly filter Orange County landscape contractors by the types of services they specialize in, such as hardscaping, planting trees, or landscape lighting. Pretty much anything you need to be done for your home can be found on Angi, making this an excellent one-stop shop for finding home services professionals.

Five – Homeowners Association Facebook Pages

If you’d rather track down affordable hardscape contractors in Orange County by word-of-mouth, one efficient way to narrow the field is by perusing or posting on your HOA’s Facebook Page or Group. These HOA groups often have recommendations from neighbors who are ecstatic about their newly installed hardscaping, but sometimes you can also learn which hardscape contractors to steer clear of. If you do not see many recommendations for hardscapers, you may want to simply make a post asking for suggestions. Facebook often boosts these to get plenty of attention from users who might be able to offer up recommendations you’ll love.

Six – Friend, Family, and Neighbor Recommendations

There’s always the tried and true method of finding a contractor—asking people you know and trust. One major downside is that anecdotal evidence of a hardscaping company doing good work isn’t as robust as reading multiple reviews from homeowners in the area. If you’re planning on choosing a hardscaper based on a recommendation from only one friend or family member, it’s smart to go to their home to thoroughly examine the quality of craftsmanship the contractor produces. While some folks may have one set of standards of acceptability, not all agree on what makes quality work. So be sure to see for yourself in-person what quality of hardscaping they really paid for. 

How To Narrow Down Your Hardscaping Contractor Search

It’s essential to find a hardscape contractor in Orange County that is experienced in designing and installing well-balanced hardscaping and softscaping in the region. If you demand long-lasting quality and an exceptional experience from start to finish on your project, here are some of the questions and topics to ask prospective hardscaping contractors before hiring them.

Proper Base Preparation

Ask about how the base for your paver project in Orange County will be prepared. Signature Landscape starts every hardscape project by compacting the underlying soil and keeping it separate from the base materials using Geotextile fabric.

CAD Hardscaping Design

Due to the physics involved with retaining walls and paver driveways, it’s best to hire hardscaping contractors that use 3D CAD computer software for the design phase of the project. Signature Landscaping designs all retaining walls using 3D CAD, so you can be certain you’ll enjoy a worry-free ownership experience.

Hardscape Drainage Installation

Signature Landscape always ensures proper drainage for your hardscaping installation. A minimum of 1% slope away from buildings and houses is maintained, and internal drainage is installed when necessary, such as for raised patios or retaining walls.  Drainage is a crucial factor that should always be considered as part of a quality 3D CAD hardscape design.

What Jointing Sand Does The Hardscaping Contractor Use?

Signature Landscape always uses polymeric sand on joints when installing hardscaping, as it will help ensure weeds don’t start growing and keep ants from building tunnels in the sand between the paver stones. Polymeric sand is special because it sets like a mortar while remaining flexible enough to allow for temperature expansion.

Hire The Orange County Hardscaping Contractor With An Impeccable Portfolio

Signature Landscaping, Orange County’s hardscaping experts, are renowned for the pride they take in crafting beautifully detailed hardscaping that stands the test of time. That’s because many of our hardscaping crew members and leaders have been with us for twenty and even thirty years for some.

You can rest assured your hardscaping team will get the job done perfectly and at a price you can afford. When quality work and value are your main concern, Signature Landscape is the hardscaping contractor to call in Orange County.

Schedule A Free Hardscaping Estimate In Orange County Today

Signature Landscape’s Orange County hardscaping designs and installations always deliver a top-notch experience to your backyard. Orange County homeowners give us high ratings for our hardscaping designs and installations in Southern California, including Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, and Yorba Linda. Read the reviews on our website and the sources we’ve covered here, then contact Signature Landscape today for a free Orange County hardscaping quote!


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