Hardscape Contractors Orange County, CA

When it comes to the design of your outdoor space in Orange County, we take seriously what a long-term investment it is. One of the most significant elements of any durable and well-designed outdoor space is the hardscape, which is why we strive to be the best hardscape contractor in Orange County, CA. We also follow all rules  regarding the qualities of cement and how to prep it correctly do to the soil conditions and some engineering background in University. Hardscaping is an essential factor in designing any luxurious landscape because it ties all of the other elements together using patterns and creates borders for natural features like stone, mulch, and plantings.

What is Hardscape in Landscaping?

Hardscaping encompasses the paver stones, field stones, and other hard surfaces used for creating pathways, patios, and fire ring areas for outdoor living spaces. Hardscaping is the core structure and backbone of your landscape, composed of the hard materials used for all sorts of purposes such as driveways, walkways, sidewalks, backyard sitting areas, ,  front yard landscaping, patio areas, retaining walls, swimming pools, and fire pits. French drainages, and regular drainages 
The best hardscape installation starts with measuring the outdoor space to weigh the different design options. Both functionality and aesthetics must be considered when designing your hardscape, so we take the time to understand precisely how you envision using the hardscaping in conjunction with your yard and home.  Some of the most frequent uses for hardscaping include driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. Our team of expert hardscaping craftsmen and design staff in Orange County will walk you through the entire process from design to installation to ensure exceptional quality.

Choosing the Right Stone Pavers for Hardscaping Projects

We highly recommend using stone pavers because of the versatility they offer. There is a multitude of options in terms of color, design, and overall aesthetics for your hardscape design project in Lake Forest, Santa Ana, or Huntington Beach. Stone pavers undergo stone strength testing that evaluates the material’s suitability for a particular application, like hardscape driveways in Orange County. We only use the highest-strength stone pavers for the hardscape driveways we install for our clients. Rest assured, you’ll have a beautiful paver driveway that stays beautiful.

Wet and Dry Stone Paver Testing

The strength of paver stone may vary when it is wet or dry. For the dry condition testing process, the stones are baked in an oven at 140°F for at least 48 hours. With the wet condition testing, stones are soaked in water at 72°F for at least 48 hours, pat dried, and then tested.

Compressive Strength Testing

This testing measures the paver stone’s resistance to crushing loads. If paver stones are used to build a retaining wall, the paver stones at the bottom should withstand the compressive load of the paver stones above. All paving blocks must conform to the minimum IS 15658:2006 specifications, but we only install the highest-rated paver blocks and paver stones for our clients’ hardscaping projects.

Concrete Paver Composition and Benefits

When creating concrete pavers, the ideal ratio of sand to cement is 3:1, which is three parts sand and one part cement. It is crucial that the mixture is smooth and consistent—not dry, crumbly, watery, or runny. Adding color to the concrete paver is done by adding a mixture of coloring pigment. The vibrance and intensity of the shade depends on the amount of pigment used. Concrete pavers are permeable. Their sand-filled joints allow water, driveway oils, and salts to soak down into the ground rather than washing them away—making these hardscape materials the perfect choice for your driveway, walkway, or sidewalk in California.

Work with Reliable Hardscape Landscaping Contractors in California

Let us handle your next hardscaping or landscaping project in Orange County. Our team takes great pride in providing you with excellent attention to detail, reliable customer service, and professional outdoor living design. Some of our crew members have been with us for over 20 years, and we even have project managers that have been with us for 30 years. Rest assured, our team has the experience to get the job done right every time. Our team ensures quality work and services that wow our clients and impress their neighbors. We also see to it that we follow COVID-19 safety protocols. To request a quote, contact us at Signature Landscape today!