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Also known as garden lighting or outdoor lighting, landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor living spaces, walkways, patios, trees, and other landscaping features, along with your home’s exterior.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting Landscaping?

When it comes to landscape design, you might not immediately think about lighting the landscaping in your front yard or back yard. But experienced outdoor living space and landscape designers know that well-designed lighting plans can vastly improve homeowner satisfaction in their outdoor space by tying the landscaping and your home together visually. Outdoor lighting landscaping is a great way to add beauty and safety to your outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting landscaping involves the use of strategically placed lighting fixtures to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape design. Not only does outdoor lighting landscaping enhance the look of your outdoor space, but it also offers a variety of other benefits.   Aside from the design merits of landscape lighting, it also provides more security around the perimeter of your home, along with more safety and accessibility when you have events and family gatherings.

Choose Signature Landscape Orange County California

At Signature Landscape, our team has over three decades of experience with landscape design and landscape lighting, always using the perfect light fixtures for achieving incredible results at night. We ensure our customers are happy for years to come with their landscape lighting design and installation. When we take on a job, we only consider it complete when every aspect is perfectly installed, durable, and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Our seasoned landscape professionals have worked on all types of landscape construction and design projects, and they will work closely with you to make your landscape lighting dreams a reality too. We are excited to discuss our landscape lighting designs and services with you and look forward to creating something amazing for your outdoor space that’s right for your budget. To get started on your landscape lighting design today, you can request a free quote by filling out our online form or contacting the lighting design team at Signature Landscape by phone.

Why Choose Signature Landscaping For Outdoor Lighting?

Our team also will adjust your new lights after dark to ensure the optimal lighting of every plant and home feature that’s being lit. Your satisfaction is paramount to us! Finally, we always install high-quality fixtures that can withstand oceanside environments like in the areas of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente Beach. With a landscape lighting system from Your Signature Landscape, you’ll have the peace of mind, safety, security, and lasting beauty you expect from your investment.

What are some of the key reasons Your Signature Landscaping is the best choice for your next landscape lighting project?

  • Lifetime guarantee on lighting fixtures
  • LED bulbs are warrantied for 10 years with free replacement
  • Staff experience of 30+ years in landscape lighting design, installation, and maintenance

The truth is, electricians aren’t experts in design or knowing the correct fixtures and light bulbs to use for what you’re lighting. They also aren’t well-versed in the low-voltage lighting systems most commonly used for landscape lighting, which are far safer than the 120-volt systems they know best. Our team also will adjust your new lights after dark to ensure the optimal lighting of every plant and home feature that’s being lit. Your satisfaction is paramount to us! Finally, we always install high-quality fixtures that can withstand oceanside environments like in the areas of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente Beach. With a landscape lighting system from Your Signature Landscape, you’ll have the peace of mind, safety, security, and lasting beauty you expect from your investment.

Types Of Outdoor Lights We Install

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can feature everything from fountains to waterfalls to uplighting your trees. Accent spotlights can be mounted at the ground level, in trees, and on roofs to light the higher reaches of your home’s front elevation. You can also use it to draw attention to an interesting architectural detail. This type of lighting is usually low voltage and can be used to create a subtle glow or a dramatic effect. 

Path Lights and Area Lights

Path and area landscape lights are designed to illuminate pathways, driveways, and garden areas with colorful ground cover and flowers.

Placing lights in areas of your outdoor spaces such as landscape beds can also enhance the security of your home’s perimeter at night, making it easier for outdoor cameras to record activity clearly. 


Many of our landscape projects utilize the use of floodlights. Typically, floodlighting is used for security or to illuminate large trees with big canopies. These lights are best used for softly illuminating architectural features, such as uplighting the fronts of stucco homes. It can also be used for silhouetting effects that add character and design appeal to otherwise bland, blank spaces. They can provide a bright, wide area of light that can be used to deter intruders. Floodlights can be used to provide a bright light source for nighttime entertaining.

Hardscape And Deck Lights

Hardscape light fixtures are usually attached to the underside of overhangs and capstones for retaining walls, paver stone staircases, decks, and patios. These little lights are versatile, easily hidden, and provide subtle area lighting for your hardscape surfaces. They provide a subtle glow that enhances the beauty of the space. This type of lighting is usually low-voltage and can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Types Of Outdoor Lights We Install

You can rest assured that our design team will create a subtle yet stunning landscape lighting design for your home, and our landscape lighting installation team will make sure the finished look is perfect. Contact us today to get your free low voltage landscape lighting design and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I install outdoor lighting?

Installing outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space, increase safety and security, and provide added curb appeal.

What types of outdoor lighting fixtures are available?

There are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures available, including wall sconces, hanging lanterns, post lights, floodlights, and spotlights.

What should I consider when selecting outdoor lighting fixtures?

Consider the style of your home, the size and location of the area you want to illuminate, the level of brightness you need, and the type of bulb and energy efficiency.

How should I position outdoor lighting fixtures?

Position your outdoor lighting fixtures to create a balanced and inviting look. Consider highlighting features such as trees, gardens, or walkways, and make sure there are no dark spots that could pose a safety hazard.

Should I use LED or halogen bulbs for outdoor lighting?

LED bulbs are generally the better option for outdoor lighting, as they are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and emit less heat than halogen bulbs.

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Working with Moe and his crew is a pleasure. They are professional, they move quickly, and do beautiful work. It's clear that Moe and his team have an eye for design and are familiar with the needs of various species of plants. We will definitely use Signature Landscape for any and all future landscape and hard scaling work.
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Moe and his crew were absolutely fantastic! Top notch customer service. They designed a beautiful sitting wall with gorgeous landscaping and delivered on time and on budget. I highly recommend Signature Landscape!!

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