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Who Is Moe?

When he first started his landscaping business, Moe didn’t realize just how much of an impact he was going to make for his customers. But after more than 30 years in business, Moe is continually inspired by how many happy clients keep coming back. After enjoying the first outdoor environment he created for them, people are eager for more whenever they move or want to expand their landscape design. So what are the key reasons Moe believes his clients keep coming back decade after decade?


Moe has remained committed to excellence in both design and customer service ever since day one. Today, seeing clients from many years back who are still enthusiastic and appreciative fuels his fire. Knowing he has such a positive effect on his clients and the beauty of the city he lives in drives Moe daily to strive for excellence.


For Moe, the most important element of every project is making his clients happy, regardless of budget. On any project, there’s always a challenge of balancing budgets with delivering the maximum beauty possible. Transcending client expectations is what Moe loves about his work each day! Moe strives to deliver exceptionally on every detail from selecting the perfect hardscaping solution to choosing the right flowers to designing fire ring seating areas into the plan.


While he’s been in business for over 30 years now, Moe credits not only his own effort but the loyalty from his crew and clients. Some of his crew members have been with him for over 20 years—through good times and bad. Moe highly values the loyalty of his crew and clients, so he works hard each day to make their lives better in ways large and small. His company’s longevity is directly tied to the relationships Moe has forged over the decades with his crew and clients.


What motivates Moe is the joy that wells up in his clients when he finally does the big reveal on their finished project. And even more so when he visits clients’ homes where he created landscaping decades ago, and they’re still as happy as the day their finished project was first revealed to them. The satisfaction clients get from Moe’s creativity, and careful consideration of every detail is Moe’s favorite part of his work.


From his early days in college, Moe has always had dreams of creating something from nothing. His first major was urban planning and development, and his second major was art—a subject that still lights up his face today. Studying sculpture was one of his favorite endeavors during his college years. Getting to see beauty arise from the most basic of materials inspired Moe to get into the landscaping business.

Being able to refresh the appearance of outdoor environments every six months to a year is part of what’s kept him going over the years. Getting the opportunity to bring artistry and creativity to his clients time after time has become Moe’s driving force and the fulfillment of his dreams of artful expression.

Owner/Operator, Moe Khoee creates exceptional exterior living spaces. he is passionate about the quality and beauty reflected in every Signature Landscape design. In fact, Moe personally signs each one and backs all work in writing. If you are looking for creative, dedicated and reliable Orange County Landscapers look no further than Signature Landscape.

We provide a variety of residential and commercial landscaping services that are customized to suit the needs of your home, business and lifestyle. Included in our commercial landscaping services are condominiums, apartments, shopping centers and government building.

Each of our Signature Landscapes begin with a 3-Dimensional Cad print by one of our professional landscape architects. Our two and three dimensional CAD color-prints will let you see your landscaping plan, in detail, while it is still in the design phase. By working from a computer generated plan, we provide our clients the ability to visualize their Signature Landscape from start to finish. We will help you choose trees, shrubs, ground covers and colors that work well together, are easily maintained and that age with beauty.

Your Signature Landscape is our mirror. We put all of our integrity and reliability into what we do. We want your decision to trust us with your land to be one of the best decisions you will ever make. We will not compromise on quality or customer satisfaction.