Inground pools are an excellent way to cool down during the hot summer months and may also add value to your home. However, installing them may be rather costly, and many individuals are unsure where to begin when calculating the price. When it comes to new pool construction, Orange County residents should find the best pool builder that can balance both costs and quality.

If this fits your situation, let us evaluate how you can determine your swimming pool construction costs, 2022 has just come in so a lot of changes must have been made.

How Much Does An Inground Pool Construction Cost?

In the United States, the average cost to build a pool is around $40,000. Depending on the features and extras you choose, the final inground pool cost can range from approximately $25,000 to $100,000 or more. Lighting, heating, and diving boards, among other things, can considerably increase the cost of inground pools.

Inground Pool Cost Estimator

Before getting an inground pool, numerous costs must be considered to determine if they are within your budget.


The most expensive part of installing an indoor pool is digging the hole for it. You may need to rent construction pool equipment and, most probably, have professionals dig the hole required for the pool properly without destroying any underground wiring or pipelines. This cost could reach $45,000, though it is most unlikely lesser than that. If you are looking to start your pool remodeling, Orange County residents should only trust professional swimming pool builders in the area.


Prior to establishing swimming pools, you must contact your local building inspector and get permits. Additionally, you may need to seek permission from your neighbors to build the pool due to the amount of water involved and the construction required. These permits are often cost hundreds of dollars. Before starting pool construction, ensure that you are familiar with the essential permits, otherwise, you might end up with a half-dug hole and no pool!

Pool Shell

Clearly, you will need to buy the pool. Pools are available in a variety of shapes and the average costs are between $500 to $15,000. Pool costs can also depend on the type of pool you get — for instance, if you want a concrete pool, fiberglass pool, or vinyl pool, costs are bound to change.

Moreover, you may need to rent a crane and operator to move the pool into position and into the hole. Cranes normally cost roughly $3,000, depending on your location and the length of time you need them.

Dirt Removal

You will also be responsible for the project cost of having the dirt removed from your property. Dirt removal can be fairly costly, needing additional personnel, dump trucks, and other equipment, and occasionally costing close to $10,000.

As you’ve seen, the cost of an inground swimming pool varies significantly based on pool materials used and the number of professionals hired to assist you. For the majority of individuals, it is recommended to have a fiberglass pool since it strikes a nice balance between affordability and longevity. It does not require a large crew to install, and because you choose the model from a showroom, you will have an excellent concept of how the finished result will look.

A new swimming pool can be an exciting new structure in your house, but clearing the costs must be done only with the professionals. Contact Signature Landscape today and get in touch with trusted swimming pool builders to find out your potential pool costs.


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