Working on hardscape and landscape projects is not easy. Installing hardscaping can be very difficult work. There is a big difference between landscaping projects and hardscaping projects. Even under the best climate conditions, working on hardscape and landscape projects can still be extremely difficult because rain, drainage, and even rogue tree roots can have a negative effect on the intended outcome. Most homeowners choose to get hardscaping projects completed during favorable weather, typically in the spring, fall, or even sometimes during the moderate times of summer.

Many hardscape and landscape projects are far too physically demanding to complete with manual labor alone and require industry-specific heavy lifting equipment. This is where our expertise comes in. It is better to look for an expert who is capable of building hardscapes than to kiss the dream of a backyard oasis goodbye. Reach out to us and start the design process for your next hardscaping project. Call us at 949-755-8636 for consultation and a free quote.