When it comes to making a home look luxurious, a lot of time, effort, and money are spent on interior design. However, it’s equally important to pay attention to the landscape design of your Orange County, California property as well. 

It’s common for your home’s exterior to take up more space than the inside, so visitors are usually drawn to it first. Whether it’s an office building, commercial complex, a college campus, or simply your own home, maintaining a well-designed landscape is of paramount importance.

By decorating the outside of your house, you have the opportunity to make your home stand out from the others. A property’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by adding landscape features. By using different types of flowers, plants, paths, and pebbles, an environment can become more cohesive, distinctive, and visually appealing.

Landscape Design as an Art

Increasingly, landscape design is getting more and more valuable. Aside from beautifying the yard, landscaping may serve as an area of recreation, entertainment, or conservation if it is not used for human activities. For example, you may choose to create beautiful gardens for a lush outdoor living space.

In the grand scheme of things, any time is an excellent time to begin a landscape project. Creating a stunning landscape is kind of an art form. In the same way that a poet or writer might scribble a few lines on a napkin as inspiration strikes, you can scribble notes, tear pictures out of magazines, or even store images of landscape designs that inspire you.

With regard to the immediate future, now is always a perfect time to start working and investing with a professional Orange County landscape architect to transform your dream outdoor space into reality.

When you want to start investing in your landscape design at Mission Viejo, the following are things to consider.

Investing in a Landscaping Project

The majority of homeowners ask themselves several questions prior to embarking on a Landscape remodeling project, some of them include: 

  1. How much use or satisfaction will my family and I get out of this investment?
  2. If I decide to sell my house, will I be able to reap a good return on this investment?
  3. Just how much would be a reasonable investment in a project like this?

It can sometimes seem like pretty straightforward stuff. For example, your bathroom is outdated and needs upgrading. Does that mean you should purchase a Jacuzzi bath? How about a large shower with double heads? Should you put two sinks rather than one? Investment decisions can have less to do with what is absolutely necessary and more to do with what you enjoy.

For projects involving outdoor landscape design, the same is true. The investment can be both rewarding and provide a monetary return on investment. The enjoyment alone can often make the investment worthwhile. However, the good news is that landscaping design in Orange County, California, has a very good return on investment in terms of monetary value.

The rule-of-thumb most commonly used for what is a reasonable amount to spend on landscape design is about 5% to 10% of your financial resources. In the case of new homes, the budget may be as high as 30% if large hardscaping projects such as driveways, swimming pools, fences, front walks, patios, and the likes are included. 

Depending on how much money you have available at the moment, you may choose to implement a plan at once or in stages over several years. What matters is that you start investing in your landscaping design in Mission Viejo as soon as you can.

Tips for Landscaping Design in Orange County, California

Whether you want to completely overhaul your landscape or make a few small alterations, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin investing in your landscaping design. 

Check out these few tips below for your landscaping design in Mission Viejo.

Think About Your Space

A lot of property owners have their own ideas set in their minds or see pictures and say, “I like that!” But often, these ideas may not work with their space, the surrounding architecture, or the climate in California.

However, it is absolutely great that you bring visual inspiration with you or show your landscape contractor in Orange County, CA, during assessments so that they can incorporate your ideas, colors, and landscaping accents into a design that you will love and will compliment your property.

Prioritize Your Hardscape Projects

Even though hardscape design elements can be installed at any time, your foliage will appreciate it if you do your hardscape construction before amending the soil and laying out your plants.

Raised planters, walkways, gazebos, water features, and fire pits can all add a lot of beauty to your property, but most of them require digging, trenching, and pouring concrete.

Having them installed secondarily means you have to rip out your landscape and reinstall it. Invest in your hardscape elements first, and then you can begin to think about living things.

Consider Seasonal Needs

If you are considering getting new plants for your garden, browse seed catalogs or stroll through various local parks to learn what makes your heart flutter. However, it’s equally essential that the plants you choose can thrive in California’s current temperature and climate state.

Just in time for this summer, you can invest in some specific landscaping projects for the season. You can start with setting up an irrigation solution for your garden, installing a sprinkler system, and doing maintenance and repairs to your drainage. 

Hire a Professional Landscape Designer

Unless you are an experienced landscaper, you will be better off hiring a professional landscape designer as early as possible.

Some landscape contractors in Orange County, CA, offer free consultations to assess your property and provide recommendations alongside, this way, you will avoid wasting time on plans that do not work based on your location, sun exposure, architecture, and more.

Experienced landscape architects in Orange County can help you determine what type of foliage you prefer and then find the suitable trees, plants, and shrubs for our climate.

Your outdoor living spaces will look fantastic no matter the season with a professional landscape designer like our team—no matter the season.

Let’s talk about your next landscaping project, contact us at 949-755-8636 at Signature Landscape today!


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