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Your signature landscape extends the living space of your home or business by constructing a covered area above your existing deck or patio. Homeowners have discovered that adding an outdoor living area increases their home’s square footage and value. Also, having your signature landscape over their patio will not darken adjacent rooms like traditional canvas or retractable awnings, and the UV inhibitors on the Lexan panels will prevent their furniture, drapes, hardwood or carpeted floors from bleaching. Our system affixes your wall, fascia, or roof, or makes it stand alone. In addition, you now have a comfortable outdoor space to grill, entertain, relax, and enjoy regardless of the weather. After a long day, create a more comfortable area on your deck so you can relax in your hot tub or on your outdoor patio. Our deck roof covers can be secured to your existing deck if it has sufficient footing. Depending on the size, our professional installation teams can install in one to two days. Each deck cover is sloped so that the rain and snow is whisked away either over the edge or into our integrated structural gutter system. Your Signature Landscape are made from recycled aluminum and Lexan® panels, making them environmentally friendly as well as long-lasting and low-maintenance. Looking to build an outdoor landscape perfect for entertaining? Well a patio cover and deck is a perfect compliment to your outdoor design. Contact us today to learn more!

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Benefits of Deck Covers

Maintains the Cool

Patio covers are the first line of defense against the sun’s harsh rays for your home. In fact, it is the very first thing that the sunlight strikes. After being struck, it will deflect the sun’s rays.

This will not only cool your patio, but also your entire home. The best part is that a cooler home means less work for your air conditioner. This results in a lower electricity bill.

Prevent Sun Damage

Over time, the sun’s rays will cause your furniture to flake and peel. The cover again deflects the sun’s rays away from your home and patio furniture. This will preserve its pristine appearance for years without replacement.

It makes your patio easier to access.

Returning to our initial example, if it rains and you do not have a cover, your plans are ruined. If you have a cover, you can enjoy your patio regardless of the weather outside.

If you wish to go grill burgers in the freezing snow on the patio, you are free to do so. You have no more limitations.

Prevent Exposure to Weather

A cover will safeguard your furniture against more than just the sun. It will also protect them from rain and other inclement weather. It will also safeguard your furniture.

It will preserve your deck overall. Snow and ice, for example, will destroy wooden patios. A cover will protect it.

Increases the worth of your home

Patios and patio covers can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. As much as you enjoy the notion of being able to spend unlimited time outdoors with your family, so do others. This makes it a decent investment opportunity.

What are the best materials for patio covers? 

1. Wood

It is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures, the majority of which are suitable for home improvement. Its stunning appearance may come at an extraordinary cost. Wood is simple to cut and stain and does not require specialized equipment if you intend to do it yourself.

Wood is beautiful, but it requires extensive maintenance. Every few years, it will need to be sanded and repainted. If not properly treated, wooden patio covers can also warp, peel, and rot, making it difficult to extend their lifespan.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and is available in a variety of colors and textures. Vinyl is simple to manipulate and cut, and it is much lighter and less expensive than wood.

Low maintenance is required for vinyl. Choose plastic for a patio cover that does not need to be sanded or stained every couple of years. If exposed to the sun continuously, vinyl will fade over time.

3. Aluminum

Here we have a substance that exemplifies the phrase “powerful yet lightweight.” Aluminum can provide excellent protection from the elements and can be among the most expensive materials. Due to its natural qualities that are extremely durable and long-lasting, it is more than sufficient to offset the cost.

It is lightweight but more difficult to work with than wood or vinyl. There are specific tools required for working with aluminum. On a cut edge, it can also be extremely sharp; therefore, the proper protective gear is essential. It is not susceptible to cracking or rotting, so you won’t have to deal with these issues.

How much Does it Cost to Build Covered Patio

This is the first question a homeowner considers when contemplating a patio roof project. How much will a patio roof cost to construct? Whether you decide to do the work yourself or hire a professional will depend on the basic cost of a patio roof addition.

A patio cover’s price is primarily determined by the cost of the materials you choose, labor, and any distinctive design elements. Consequently, it is difficult to estimate the cost of a patio roof because the cost of a covered patio varies greatly.

To complement the existing roof on a home, a patio roof can be constructed from a variety of materials. Wood, aluminum, vinyl, and even clay tile are examples.

Features & Benefits

We believe that you and your family deserve the best protection from the harsh elements of the weather, without sacrificing the natural beauty of the environment. Your Signature Landscape’s Residential Patio Covers are reasonably priced, long-lasting, and engineered permanent structures comprised of light-transmitting panels and a painted aluminum framework. Available in a variety of sizes, you can now cover your patio, deck, or outdoor living area without darkening your adjacent kitchen, living room, or dining room or fading your furnishings, flooring, or window treatments.

There are numerous options for residential patio and deck covers, but our product is the most cost-effective and long-lasting option of its kind on the market. The combination of affordable natural light and total protection from the elements (including harmful UV rays) is unmatched.

No matter where you live, our in-house Design Consultants, Technical Staff, and Installation Teams will assist you in determining the best Patio Cover size, roof panels, and colors for your home, transforming your outdoor space so you can enjoy the benefits of natural light without worrying about UV rays, rain, snow, or hail.

Maintenance of Deck Covers

The installation of a low-maintenance patio cover at your residence is not the end of your responsibilities. According to Sacramento’s leading authorities on patio covers, a lack of maintenance, no matter how minimal, can accelerate the deterioration of your patio cover. As winter approaches, your patio covers will require winter-resistant maintenance to prevent snow and rain damage. If your patio cover has begun to deteriorate, it will be more susceptible to weather conditions, especially when they are undesirable.

There are simple steps you can take to maintain your patio cover, so there’s no need to fret. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend their lifespan and keep them in pristine condition for years.

Here are the essential maintenance guidelines:

Regularly clean your patio covers

To keep your patio covers looking attractive and shiny throughout the year, you must maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. By rinsing your patio cover with clear water using a garden hose, you can remove any accumulated dirt. However, if the dirt is more substantial, you can use a cleaning detergent. Be sure to adhere to the instructions precisely. Before cleaning your patio covers, ensure that they are free of debris, dirt, and leaves, as algae growth can occur on the covers. The inclement weather can discolor the tiles and make them slippery. Simply rinsing them with detergent and a brush is sufficient to clean them. Stick to your regular cleaning schedule even after winter has passed.

Most individuals prefer aluminum patio covers because they are resistant to rust and corrosion. It also prevents the cover from fading, chipping, cracking, and rotting.

Even though they provide long-lasting performance and have an attractive appearance, they will need to be cleaned with soft water.

Ensure that mildew and mold are eradicated from your patio covers if they are found.

Mold and mildew can frequently grow on patio covers in Roseville if they are not maintained properly. Green deposits on your patio and patio covers pose a greater risk than you may realize. In addition to diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your patio structure, they also pose health risks to your family. Typically, mold manifests as green, black, or grey spots. In contrast, mould appears as black deposits.

To determine whether the spots are caused by mildew and mold, apply bleach to them. If it disappears, the cause was mold and mildew damage.

Mold and mildew are simple to eliminate. Create a solution by combining two-thirds of trisodium phosphate, one-third of detergent, one quart of sodium hypochlorite, two liters of water, and one quart of bleach. Utilize to eliminate spots. However, if the spots are numerous and not merely a few, it is unsafe to attempt removal on your own and you should contact a professional.

Properly maintained patio covers will allow you to enjoy your time in the backyard or lawn in the most comfortable setting while protecting you from the sun’s heat. The aforementioned maintenance tips will help you keep your patio covers clean and beautiful for years to come.

Why Patio Covers Are a Smart Investment

If you’re tired of unexpected rain showers interrupting your outdoor events, you should consider installing a patio cover. They permit you to spend an unlimited amount of time outdoors and safeguard your furniture.

Additionally, patio covers to increase the value of your home, so there is no reason not to install one. Start appreciating nature again. You can look at the work we have done for previous customers on our website and read reviews and testimonials.

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