Barbecue Remodeling

Tired of your ugly barbecue? 

When it comes to creating a wonderful entertaining space in your backyard, features such as barbecues can add an extra level of sophistication and uniqueness to your backyard design. If you prefer to spend more time outside than inside and want to install all of the bells and whistles in your backyard, Your Signature Landscape is the company to call. 

We know how to design an inspired backyard recreational area that is also functional and fits your lifestyle. We strive to create one-of-a-kind backyard spaces for families and friends to gather and relax.

Contact us today so we can give it a facelift and brighten up your outdoor space .

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Here are some general advice on how to hire a landscaping company for your BBQ remodeling project.

  1. Research and compare different landscaping companies in your area. Look for reviews, testimonials, and examples of their previous work to help you make an informed decision.
  2. Ask for references from the landscaping companies you are considering. Contact their past clients and ask about their experience with the company, the quality of their work, and their level of professionalism.
  3. Consider the company’s expertise and experience in BBQ remodeling specifically. Look for a company that has a track record of successful BBQ remodeling projects and has experience working with the materials and design elements you want to incorporate into your project.
  4. Check the company’s licensing and insurance status to ensure that they are qualified to perform the work and protect you from any liability in case of accidents or damages.
  5. Get multiple quotes and compare them to ensure that you are getting a fair price for the work. Make sure that the quote includes all the necessary materials, labor costs, and any other fees associated with the project.

By following these steps, you can hire a reputable and reliable landscaping company like Your Signature Landscape to help you with your BBQ remodeling project.

Design guidelines for a built-in outdoor barbecue 

To begin, the grill is simple (other than deciding whether you want propane, gas, or charcoal) because this unit is purchased. The enclosure, on the other hand, is more difficult to plan because of all the design factors, rules, and materials to consider when planning a built-in. Here are some facts to get you thinking:

Appearance: Consider the style of your home and your landscaping. A sleek stainless steel island or poured in place structure would complement a modern home and garden, whereas a brick barbecue island would complement a historic home. To create a cohesive design, consider matching the masonry, brickwork, and colors to what already exists.

Placement: Consider fire safety when placing items. Position your barbecue so that it does not pose a fire hazard to other structures or plants, and consider smoke patterns so that people outside—and inside—do not become smoked out. Remember to provide a comfortable buffer from any seating area to protect guests from radiant heat.

Maintenance: Design your barbecue to be easy to clean and repair. Plan ahead of time so that if parts need to be replaced, you won’t need major surgery to get them out.

Frequently Asked Question about Barbecue Remodeling

What is a built-in-Barbecue?

Do I need a Built-in Barbecue?

A built-in barbecue can be costly, you may want and/or need this outdoor feature for a variety of reasons:

-A large structure can be integrated into your landscape.

-You frequently grill chicken, steak, ribs, meat or any food, so it will be put to good use and will not become a spider hotel.

-Extra storage and shelf space is on your "Need" list for prepping, cooking, and serving large groups.

-It is important to add value to your home.

What are the best materials for a built-in barbecue?

The materials you select should be long-lasting, durable, and complementary to the architecture and style of your home and garden. A built-in BBQ, like a house addition, can be built with similar materials. Concrete blocks faced with stone, brick, and steel are some examples. There are many materials available for countertops, but make sure your choice can withstand the elements and extreme temperatures. The same is true for surfaces made of tile or brick.

Is a permit required for a built-in barbecue?

A permit may not be required to install a built-in barbecue, but any new natural gas or electrical lines will, so check with your local building department.

Is a built-in barbecue a do-it-yourself project?

Because proper grading requirements and utility installation can make building a built-in barbecue a complex process, consider hiring us with experience building outdoor kitchens for safety and durability. Purchasing a prefabricated unit, on the other hand, is a quick but not cheap way to install a custom barbecue grill area. Be aware that if you do not live near a manufacturer, you will incur significant shipping costs.