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Orange and Mission Viejo Innovative Outdoor Pool Designs

When you’re thinking about getting a swimming pool installed at your Mission Viejo home, the first step is finding the right pool designer. This designer will not only be skilled at pool design, but also be well-versed in blending the various elements on your property for a cohesive outdoor environment design.

Elements such as fencing, decking, stone masonry, patio covers, barbecue areas, planters, drainage systems, irrigation systems, lighting systems, safety, and of course, landscaping, all need to be carefully included and be taken into review in the overall design for a new pool. There’s also your home’s architecture and pool house details to consider when planning the pool area.

Our Orange Custom Pool Design and build team has been designing, planning, and installing pools for almost 30 years in sunny Southern California. Why do our clients love our pool design ideas so much? Expectations are always met and we deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Company for Pool Design

All pool designers aren’t the same. Experienced designers can conjure up some of the most unique designs while still maintaining superior durability and usability for its owners. They’ll also be aware and give attention to construction details and what homeowners associations will or won’t approve, saving you headaches along the way to your new pool. What are some of the benefits of hiring a landscape company professionals for this crucial part of pool installation? 

The Best Southern California Swimming Pools Are Designed in 3D

We provide you with 3D cad drawings so you can envision your new pool in your backyard. We also allow a series of design revisions without an additional charge to be certain your swimming pool is exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Once construction has started, our pool building crew references the 3D drawings throughout the project to ensure a high-quality pool installation every time.

Why 3D Pool Designs Are Superior

By having a well-documented plan with 3D drawings, you’ll be spared the frustration of interruptions and delays in your pool completion date because of mistakes or unforeseen design issues.

Over the course of decades installing pools in Orange County, we’ve seen projects take two or three times as long because the design phase wasn’t taken seriously.

Pool Designs that Consider Every Aspect of Your Yard

Signature Landscape provides an exceptional swimming pool design experience for our discerning clients. By combining the experience of long-time Orange County pool builders with fresh design ideas of our pool designers, we deliver innovation and customized perfection to every project.

Beyond swimming pools, we are outdoor living specialists who also design and build entire backyard environments from scratch. With this expertise, we can ensure a perfect end result by designing with the entire backyard in mind for a seamless match. Elements like an integrated fire pit, hot tub, and decorative concrete pool decking can add luxurious touches for high-end pools with an infinity edge.

Swimming Pool Designs You’ve Been Dreaming Of

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and quality work no matter how large or small the pool project is. When our Orange County pool designers create your new pool design, you’re sure to be satisfied.

Your Backyard Swimming Pool Starts Here

Signature Landscape pool designers immerse themselves in the latest technology in pool equipment and design, especially when it comes to energy-efficient green alternatives. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something astounding, Signature Landscape can design it. We’re confident that you’ll consider us one of the top pool designers in Orange County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does constructing a swimming pool cost?

Do architects design pools?

Yes. The architect will choose the finest spot for the pool and create a landscaping concept that will integrate it into the overall design. A swimming pool is frequently just one of several related activity areas that contribute to the overall outdoor environment. That’s why it’s best to work with a landscape architect.

Do landscape designers do pools?

Your landscape designer will help you choose from many options available to create a complete pool environment that incorporates multiple activity or use areas. You can collaborate to come up with a customized design that would build your dream pool to reality.

What companies build pools?

Landscape contractors, like our company, can help you design and install a pool that complements the other aspects on your property for a well-balanced outdoor space.

What should be included in a pool contract?

You’ll need a contract that specifies the services to be provided, the equipment to be utilized, payment terms, and project deadlines.

  • Description of services
  • Equipment and materials to be used
  • Full Drawn Diagram of the pool design
  • Project deadline and contingencies
  • Payment terms

What do I need to know before signing my pool contract?

Before you sign a contract with a pool contractor, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do they have references and reviews?
  • Are they insured?
  • How long will it take them to complete the project?
  • What is the scope of your contract?
  • Do they have a warrant?

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