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Planting Flowers, Trees and Shrubs in CA

Each Signature Landscape has a different “recipe” of plants and flowers, adding creativity and beauty to your property. Replacing old and overgrown ones is the ideal way to remove obstructions and reclaim your space with a healthy landscape. Whether it’s designing an intimate backyard or creating an inviting pathway, our experts will transform the look and feel of your property. Together we select a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and ground covers that are interesting and compliment each other. We will make recommendations based on your maintenance needs and your allotted budget. We then plant all your selections with the utmost care, ensuring that your landscape will thrive for many years.

Begin from the Ground Up

Homeowners frequently struggle with deciding whether to trim and replace problematic plants or to remove all of the plants and start over. The answer is dependent on the circumstances. The following factors must be taken into account…

What is the state of the sun, soil, water, and pests on your property?

Are your plants out of control and dwarfing the front of your house?

Do your plants block windows or walkways?

Are the existing plants in good health?

What are your preferences and financial constraints?

The Quality Process

We take pride in providing a comprehensive shrub and tree planting service. This starts with a property assessment to determine soil conditions, weather patterns, and sun and water exposure. Using these findings, we’ll collaborate with you to determine which plants, trees, or shrubs best suit your landscape’s conditions and fulfill your vision for the space. Before planting a tree, shrub, or flower, our landscapers will remove any existing greenery and clear the area. Garden landscaping and planting, in particular, is tailored to the desires of the property owner and frequently includes design and planning, plant selection, and planting.

Our Promise

We guarantee that our landscape professionals will perfectly combine plant size, height, and color to bring your vision to life. To request a quote, contact us at Signature Landscape today!

Planting of Trees

Planting trees is an excellent way to increase privacy on your property while also going green.  County, we are well versed in working with all types of trees and conditions. We go above and beyond by assisting you in selecting the best tree for your vision and soil conditions. Understanding the type of tree that will flourish on your property is part of the pride we take in our process.

Planting of Shrubs

Shrubs can be planted to increase privacy on your property or to create a lining along building structures. We’ve worked with shrubs of various sizes and heights.

Planting Of Flowers

Planting flowers is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your property. Whether you want to make it feel more homey and inviting, or vibrant and exotic, our experts will help you realize your vision. Based on your location, you should also consider whether you need deer-resistant or shade-tolerant plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Landscaping Flowers, Trees & Shrubs

What are some popular landscaping shrubs

How do I choose the right plants for my landscaping project?

When choosing plants for your landscaping project, consider factors such as the climate and soil conditions in your area, the amount of sunlight and shade the plants will receive, and the amount of maintenance required. Consult with a gardening expert or visit a local nursery for advice on selecting the right plants for your specific needs.

How often should I water my landscaping plants?

The watering frequency for landscaping plants will depend on the type of plant, soil conditions, and weather conditions. Generally, plants should be watered deeply but infrequently to encourage healthy root growth. It is important to avoid over-watering, which can lead to root rot and other issues.

How do I prune my landscaping trees and shrubs?

Pruning techniques will vary depending on the type of tree or shrub. In general, it is important to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches, as well as any branches that are crossing or rubbing against each other. Consult with a gardening expert or research specific pruning techniques for your particular trees and shrubs.