Planter Box Installation Services Orange County

Planters Add Beauty To Homes With Flowers, Flowerbeds, and Gardens

There is nothing better than a beautifully built planter box to accent the beautiful shrubs and flowers in pots you have in mind for your outdoor landscape. We can custom design a planter box to fit your space both functionally and aesthetically.

Line Walkways And Add Design Styles Options For Landscaping

People with too little space along their walkways for a lawn can add landscaping features like shrubs and flowers to inject some design interest at the entryway of their home.

Plant A Variety Of Plants Right On Your Deck

All sorts of plants can be placed in planter boxes. From shrubs to miniature gardens to flowers, there’s a wide variety of ways to fill the interior of your planter boxes. And eating harvest to home will never be easier than when you plant a garden on the deck that’s right off the kitchen!

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Planters Installation Professionals

Design And Installation Of Your Planters Project

We are design professionals for all things landscaping, and planter boxes are no exception. From simple and functional to ornately decorative, we can create planter boxes that make your home stand out from the rest in Orange County, CA, area and Los Angeles area. We take the time to install planter boxes that last decades. We fully support the joints of poured concrete, bricks, and capstones with extensive rebar so your wall will never crack or settle even after heavy rains.

Gardens For Harvest To Home Eating

The Solution For Gardening On Your Property Porch

If harvest to home eating is something you don’t have a yard for, planter boxes can add space for gardening just about anywhere. From lining sidewalks to decks to surrounding trees, there are endless design options and places to add planter boxes that make harvest to home eating convenient, simple, and affordable.

Garden Planters Work For An Array Of Edible Plants

When you just need plants to grow without the hassle, one of the best things you can add to your property outdoors is a planter box. Eating harvest to home is easy when you can plant gardens anywhere with an array of edible plants like tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, cucumbers, and even lettuces for salads.

Planting and Potting A Garden Or Flowers

Because planter boxes have waterproofing measures in place on their interiors, they help retain moisture in the soil that goes in them, promoting plant growth without wasting water.  In addition, by adding a layer of mulch around the shrubs and flowers, gardeners can not only help to retain moisture and keep weeds away, but also create a more aesthetically pleasing look at the entryway of their home.  It’s far easier to play your part in conserving water in Orange County, CA, or Los Angeles, by gardening and landscaping in planter boxes. With so many counties in the state restricting water use, planters are the perfect solution. Pick up the phone today to get a free estimate for your new planter!


One Call For All Lawn Maintenance Service In Orange County

When our customers have a job that needs to be done right at their home in Orange County, they know what landscaping company to pick up the phone and call. From repairing cracks in paver patios to installing new sod to solutions for waterproofing drainage issues, we strive to produce results that exceed your expectations.

From New Plants To Yard Services, We’ve Got Your Home Covered

Our landscape company can install new plantings in your planter boxes, along with keeping up with the ongoing maintenance of all plants and sod. Give us a call today to get started on the next project at your house in Los Angeles, CA.

The Yard Services Team In Orange County, CA

Landscaping Installation And Maintenance

Of course, we are most known as landscapers. That’s because our service is second to none, always delivering the highest levels of:

Sod And Sprinkler System Installations Signature Landscape also does sod installation and installs sprinkler systems for keeping your turf in perfect order. Call our team of professionals today for free estimates on new sod or sprinklers.

Landscape Lighting And Drainage Work Our experienced outdoor lighting crew can bring your landscape to life at night. After investing in a beautiful yard for your house, it’s a shame to only be able to see it during daylight. Once night falls, your landscape can transform into a new environment, providing more time for enjoyment of your outdoor space. We also can help with drainage issues for waterproofing your house to ensure a dry foundation or keeping certain areas of your yard dry. Give our yard professionals a call today for estimates on lighting or drainage.

Customer Expectations Set, Then Met

Free Estimates For Your Planter Box Installation

Get a free estimate for your planter box installation project in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding Orange County areas. Call, email, or message us through our website today.

Landscapers With Integrity

We provide all landscaping services with the right tools and equipment and strive for raving reviews for customer service. Signature Landscape is the name to know and look for landscaping needs at your house in CA.

Our Goal Is Five-Star Reviews

We work to earn the highest review possible on every project we do at your house, not just the first one. Our company has been in business for decades because of the quality and professionalism we deliver on every job. All you have to do is pick up the phone or shoot us an email, and the services you need will be handled promptly and with integrity.

Frequently Asked Question about Planter Box

What is a planter box?

Are planter boxes allowed in my area?

Regulations regarding planter boxes can vary depending on the area and local zoning laws. It is important to check with your local government or homeowner's association to determine any restrictions or requirements for the use of planter boxes.

What are some common materials used for planter boxes?

Common materials for planter boxes include wood, metal, plastic, and concrete. Wood is a popular choice due to its natural look and versatility, while metal and plastic offer durability and resistance to weather and pests. Concrete is also durable and can provide a more modern look.

What are the benefits of using planter boxes?

Planter boxes offer a variety of benefits, such as providing a contained space for gardening, adding visual interest and texture to outdoor spaces, and allowing for more flexible and creative landscaping options. They can also help to define and organize outdoor areas.

How do I choose the right size of planter box for my plants?

The size of a planter box will depend on the types of plants you want to grow and the amount of space available. It is important to choose a planter box that is deep enough to allow for adequate root growth, and wide enough to accommodate the plants as they mature. Consult a gardening guide or expert to determine the appropriate size for your specific plants.