Pebble Concrete in Orange County

Pebble concrete makes a stylish complement to any Los Angeles home’s outdoor landscape. The unique shapes and colors of each pebble add another dimension of beauty to plain old concrete surfaces. Natural rock coated with epoxy can be laid down on all types of concrete for resurfacing or when installing brand-new concrete. Whether a floor, pool deck, sidewalk, front entryway, or patio in the backyard, we are the concrete contractor property owners in Southern California hire when they want the best pebble stone epoxy resurfacing.  Your Signature Landscape proudly serves many of the cities in Southern California and Orange County, including Riverside, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, San Juan Capistrano, Seal Beach, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills.

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Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Pebble Concrete Coating

Whatever concrete surface homeowners in Orange County, CA, may have, we can add an epoxy pebble surface to it for a functional yet stylish enhancement over boring traditional concrete. You can achieve the luxurious look you envisioned for your concrete pool deck using epoxy pebble stone while also adding more safety for friends and family with wet feet. Concrete contractors provide an invaluable service for those who need to protect and enhance their concrete surfaces. Whether it’s a driveway, patio, or sidewalk, pebblestone coating can be a great way to make your concrete look great for years to come. Not only does pebblestone coating look great, but it also helps to protect the surface from water damage and provides traction for vehicles and pedestrians. Finding the right concrete contractor for your needs is essential for getting the most out of your pebblestone coating.  If there is concrete on your property, it can be epoxy pebble coated. From pool decks to sitting walls to sidewalks—the possibilities are endless! Get the most life from your concrete, prevent staining, chipping, and cracking that can result in costly concrete repairs. Call today for a free estimate!

Pebble Concrete Floors

In addition to resurfacing for the concealment of concrete staining, epoxy pebblestone is one of our decorative concrete specialties for new installations of concrete floors, patios, and courtyard areas in Los Angeles. The array of colors added to a concrete surface using pebblestone beautifully compliments any of the areas of your home with concrete. Garage floors are yet another place decorative concrete can offer flooring with flair.

Pebble Concrete Resurfacing Orange County

If you’re looking for the best concrete resurfacing Orange County has available to it, Your Signature Landscape is the local company to call! We provide concrete resurfacing services using the highest quality epoxy pebble stone available to ensure the longest life possible from your concrete. When you have concrete around your home that has stains, cracks, or crumbling, a concrete coating is one way to restore your concrete sidewalk, patio, or driveway. And with a pebblestone concrete coating, those surfaces can be transformed into something even more beautiful than the original! Our service area includes the cities of San Diego, San Bernardino, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Orange, Newport Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, San Juan Capistrano, Seal Beach, Aliso Viejo, Riverside, and Laguna Hills. If you’re in Orange County, CA, we’ve got your concrete covered!

Resurfacing Concrete With A Stone Epoxy Overlay

One of the most versatile materials for resurfacing concrete with stains is an epoxy pebble stone overlay. Refinishing an area that won’t come clean even with pressure washing is made simple with this durable way to coat your garage floor or driveway. Enjoy a high-end look for your concrete for many years to come with this high-tech epoxy coating! Cracks, chips, and stains are hidden forever, replaced with a quality, lasting finish that delivers performance and beauty day in and day out, resisting staining, weather, and wear. A stone epoxy overlay is a thin layer of epoxy that is applied to existing concrete surfaces. It provides a durable, waterproof, and attractive finish that can last for years. The overlay is applied in thin layers and can be used to repair cracks, chips, and other damage to concrete surfaces. It also provides a nice decorative touch to any concrete surface, giving it a unique and attractive look. When it comes to resurfacing concrete, a stone epoxy overlay is one of the most reliable options available. The overlay is made up of a combination of epoxy resin and stone aggregate, resulting in a strong and durable surface. The process of applying an epoxy overlay involves first preparing the existing concrete surface by cleaning, grinding, and etching it. This ensures that the overlay will adhere properly and will not crack or peel over time. Once the concrete is prepared, a layer of epoxy is applied and the stone aggregate is spread over the top. The entire process takes several hours to complete and can be completed in one day, depending on the size of the area being resurfaced.

Why Is Epoxy Pebble Stone Such A Good Investment For Resurfacing?

Epoxy pebble stone is also sometimes called Futura Stone. Whatever you want to call it, this material is an excellent way to restore and repair your floor on numerous levels. Here are some of the reasons every homeowner and commercial property owners should consider epoxy pebble stone concrete resurfacing.


Made from natural river rock with an epoxy overlay, pebble stone resurfacing (also referred to as epoxy rock, pebble tech, river rock resurfacing, or galaxy stone) is one of the most durable methods of resurfacing Orange County, CA concrete. Keep your concrete surfaces looking exceptional for as long as you own your Southern California home!


Epoxy pebblestone, also called Futura Stone, is rated for 8,000 PSI of pressure, making it safe to drive on regardless of vehicle size. Yes, you can even park your RV on it too! This durable, high-strength stone coating encapsulates nearly any concrete surface in an armor of impenetrable stone.


One of the most remarkable traits of epoxy resin stone, or Futura Stone, is that it is highly flexible, preventing cracks and chipping, adding exponentially more durability for the hard surfaces around your Orange County, CA property.

Stain Resistance

No matter what may spill onto your flooring, pool deck, or driveway, an epoxy pebble coating will protect it. Whether oil, grease, gasoline or even acid, epoxy pebble coatings clean up in a snap with no staining left over.

Easier To Repair Than Plain Concrete

Epoxy pebble stone resurfacing can be repaired inexpensively and without leaving any visible difference afterward, making it a superior option over traditional concrete. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino, CA residents are wise to invest in this alternative to plain concrete.

Resurfacing Services For Driveways In Orange County

Have concrete that’s unsightly or in disrepair? Calling our contact number is your first step to having stunning new concrete surfaces surrounding your home. Whether you have a driveway, garage flooring, or patio that has stains or cracks, you can avoid the expense of entirely replacing your concrete. Get a free estimate from the concrete contractor that has been resurfacing Orange County, CA concrete for over 30 years—Your Signature Landscape!