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Irregular flagstones can add natural beauty in otherwise plain drab spaces when you live in the city. Creative home design applications include rock walls, ground cover to prevent mud in extreme conditions, provide an outdoor seating area, or a create patio made using flagstone or Paver stone. Many homeowners find that adding rock to their yards is one of the best landscaping investments because they last a lifetime once installed, unlike inexpensive cement, tiles, bricks, gravel, sandstone, and concrete pavers that are easily split.

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Pavers And Flagstone Make Perfect Patios

The best landscape designs aren’t just about the plants—the type of hardscaping installed is crucial to a complete design. Installing natural pavers or flagstone landscaping stone with joints and edges laid closely together can provide the perfect patio without the need to pour concrete.

We can design and install flagstone for areas such as patios, fire pits, grilling areas, and outdoor kitchens, along with natural stone walkways with a look that complements your yard and home. Contact our team today for a free estimate for your Southern California hardscaping project.

When Quality Matters, We’re The Landscape Company You Can Count On

Finding a landscaping company that takes the details seriously can be hard. The team at Your Signature Landscape takes the time to carefully paving the design plan of your next hardscaping project, ensuring the highest quality at every step of the process.

Whether you’re seeking new ideas or already have the ideal layout in mind for your hardscaping, our expert hardscaping team has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you get beautiful results that last a lifetime.

Our crews have been installing flagstone and pavers hardscaping in Southern California for over 30 years, giving you peace of mind that your natural stone hardscaping will stand the test of time.

Exceptional Landscaping Deserves Exceptional Hardscaping

Your landscaping deserves hardscaping that performs flawlessly for years to come, both functionally and aesthetically. Our design team will take the time to help you find the perfect color, shape, and size of flagstone or pavers hardscaping stones for your home’s outdoor environment.

Safer, Easier Movement In Your Backyard

Get easier and safer movement around your backyard with flagstone hardscaping. Walkways, patios, grilling spaces, and pool areas are perfect for installing natural stone hardscaping that looks great while providing a slip-resistant surface.

Flagstone Hardscaping Creates The Perfect Surface For Patio Furniture

Patio furniture needs hardscaping that’s level and stable. Our flagstone patio installations will serve you for years to come without settling or shifting, providing you exceptional performance as long as you live in your home.

The larger footprint of flagstone and pavers hardscaping stones are more stable than smaller paver stones, delivering the best experience possible for the long term. We can even install a fire pit within your patio, allowing you to enjoy your backyard year-round!

Hardscaping Fire Pit Areas With Flagstone

If you already have a fire pit in your backyard, installing flagstones can complete the area by providing a more solid and level area to place chairs for relaxing around the fire.

We love turning ideas for your outdoor entertaining space into a reality. Our process always starts with a free design consultation and estimate. Then you’ll be provided with a professional color design to review before starting the work, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flagstone

What is flagstone?

What are the benefits of using flagstone for landscaping?

Flagstone is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also versatile and can be used for a variety of landscaping projects, from pathways to patios. Additionally, flagstone adds a natural and rustic look to outdoor spaces.

What are the different types of flagstone?

There are many different types of flagstone, including sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite. Each type has its own unique characteristics, such as color, texture, and durability.

How is flagstone installed?

Flagstone is typically installed on a base of compacted gravel or sand, with mortar or sand used to fill in the gaps between the stones. The installation process can vary depending on the size and shape of the stones, as well as the design of the project.

How do you maintain flagstone?

You’ll need a contract that specifies the services to be provided, the equipment to be utilized, payment terms, and project deadlines.

Flagstone requires minimal maintenance, but it should be swept regularly to remove debris and prevent staining. If necessary, it can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. Sealing the stone can also help to protect it from moisture and stains.