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We Specialize In Modern Design Hardscaping

Modern landscaping design isn’t just about the front yard or a garden—hardscaping is essential when you want to create a unified design theme. Using almost exclusively straight lines instead of curves is one example of an element of modern design, and this element should be carried through from home to front yard to hardscaping to build an aesthetic that’s complete.

If you have an open area to work with, we can help with site development such as patio installation, fire pit installation, grilling areas, and outdoor kitchens, along with modern walkways with clean lines and colors that complement the yard and home.

We create landscaping and hardscaping environments that contrast with green grass, or Artificial grass, wood, metal, and concrete design elements many modern homes and yards feature. Contact our team today for a free estimate for your modern hardscaping project.

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When Quality Counts, We're The Hardscaping Company To Turn To

Trying to find a hardscaping company that cares about the details can be tough. That’s why we take the time to fully plan out the design for your hardscaping project, ensuring perfection every step of the way.

Whether you’re totally open to ideas or have an exact layout in mind for your modern hardscaping, our team of expert installers has the extensive experience it takes to provide you with a high-quality, stunningly beautiful result.

Our crews have been installing modern hardscaping in Southern California for over 30 years, providing you the peace of mind that your concrete, stone, or paver hardscaping project will stand the test of time.

Modern Landscaping Deserves Modern Hardscaping

When you own a home with modern architecture, it’s essential to ensure your hardscaping, and landscaping styles match the house. Trying to mix styles and add variety to environments with modern design principles can draw unwanted attention to the wrong elements. If traditional hardscape stones are added to modern landscaping, for example, the two styles clash and distract from the beauty of the surroundings. Our design team will spend time helping you find and select the perfect color, shape, and size of hardscaping stones or custom-concrete surfaces.

Safer, Easier Movement Around Your Home's Yard

Homeowners can get easier and safer movement around their yard with modern hardscape design. For example, walkways, patio space, grilling space, and pool space are perfect for installing modern hardscaping that uses simplicity as a core element of the design inspiration. The designs we develop feature clean lines, muted colors and are perfectly measured to provide a uniform appearance that doesn’t break from the symmetrical aesthetics of a modern house.

Materials Matter When It Comes To Modern Design

Designing a modern landscape plan has as far more to do with the materials in the outdoor space than with the plants or grass. One of the most prominent features of modern landscape design is the clean lines and uncluttered appearance. Usually, modern landscaping features highly symmetrical concrete paths, patios, steps, and planters that contrast well with wood or metal accents.

We design landscape and hardscape plans that combine with green grass, wood, metal, and concrete materials to create a modern outdoor area that’s pleasing to the most discerning design mavens.

This hardscape design style is an ideal fit for a property with a contemporary home but can also serve as a refreshing retake on a more traditional architectural style.

Modern Hardscaping Makes The Perfect Place For Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture that’s built with modern materials and design inspiration belongs on hardscaping that’s also focused on modern ideas of design. A collection of modern furniture can serve you much better when placed on level modern hardscaping surfaces that are oriented for the perfect view.

The larger footprint provided by modern hardscaping is more stable than small traditional paver stones. And with a fire pit installed within your patio area, you can enjoy your backyard, no matter if it’s summer or winter!

Modern Landscape Fire Pit Hardscaping

If you already have a fire pit area in the backyard of your contemporary home, adding hardscaping that features modern design aesthetics can complete the look of your backyard while providing a more solid and level area to place chairs for relaxing around the fire.

Our specialty is turning ideas for your backyard entertaining space into a reality. The process always begins with a free design consultation and estimate, and you’ll be provided with a color design to view before work begins, so you know exactly what to expect.

The Experts In Modern Landscape And Hardscape Design And Installation In Southern California

Have you been searching for a modern landscaping specialist that can design and install modern hardscaping to match? You’ve found your ideal company! Contact the team at Your Signature Landscaping today for a free estimate for your modern landscaping or hardscaping project in Southern California.