Concrete pavers provide immediate satisfaction, whether they are the ordinary kind from a home improvement store or a special design by an architect. The patio A path? A place for entertaining outside? Pavers enable it (nearly) immediately.

More than 1 million people are employed in the landscaping sector, which includes 604,163 landscaping service companies, up 4.9% from 2020. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that more California homeowners are budgeting money to raise their backyard or curbside game.

Let us show you if investing in pavers for your next extensive renovation is worth it. Read on to know more about pavers and their role in providing excellent hardscaping in Orange County, CA. 

Understanding The Role Of Pavers In Exterior Design

signature landscape landscaping mission viejo understanding the role of pavers in exterior design

Pavers are made of concrete that has been molded into tiles that can either seem like stone or brick or proudly display its true nature as concrete. There are two main categories of pavers: interlocking pavers and architectural pavers.

Interlocking Pavers

signature landscape landscaping mission viejo interlocking pavers

The first is an interlocking paver that is thick and sturdy. Interlocking pavers, which resemble bricks in density and can support the weight of a vehicle, are frequently used for driveways.

Architectural Pavers

The architectural paver is a different type of paver that is thinner and more aesthetically beautiful, according to many hardscape contractors. When aesthetics are more important than functionality, architectural pavers are frequently employed for patios or pathways.

Pavers Vs. Decorative Concrete

Signature Landscape Landscaping Mission Viejo Pavers vs decorative concrete

Concrete pavers have the benefit of being immediately accessible to foot or vehicle traffic after installation. Concrete poured in place typically needs to cure for at least 24 hours and seven days before it is ready for foot and vehicle traffic.

Signature Landscape Landscaping Mission Viejo Pavers Vs Decorative Concrete

Concrete does exist as a form of decorative concrete. However, this gorgeous variety of concrete can be imbued with different appearances and designs to bring eye-catching appeal to everything it’s used for. As opposed to the simple, practical, rough gray aspect you may be used to.

Decorative concrete gives your house visual pizzazz inside and out by offering various finishes, hues, and other design components.

Quality And Value For Money

The cost of concrete pavers is typically more than that of stamped and colored concrete, ranging as high as $20 per square foot. Many installers find it more cost-effective to pour concrete and apply a pattern rather than carry and manually set paving units.

However, the long-term cost may end up being less because concrete pavers are frequently less expensive to repair or replace if damage develops over time.

Appearance And Aesthetic

Pavers are available in a variety of hues and forms. Moreover, when properly fitted, they have a more upscale, sophisticated appearance than concrete. There are countless design possibilities by arranging them in various patterns.

Plus, pavers don’t crack as concrete, which is ugly. Although professionally laid pavers still have a more pleasing appearance, you may purchase colored concrete slabs, which is a decent compromise between cost and appearance.


Whether installing prefabricated slabs or poured concrete, concrete is the easiest material. Concrete can be installed considerably more quickly and easily than pavers can.

When individual pavers like flagstone pavers are laid, either utilizing a mortar-free interlocking pattern or mortar-set pavers, the only method to get the proper finish is through individual placement, which takes much longer than pouring concrete.


Concrete is simpler to maintain in general because it can be difficult to clean thoroughly in between pavers. Concrete needs a sealer, whereas pavers don’t.

Concrete is shielded from stains by sealing. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the sealer requires a fresh application every year or two. Consequently, concrete will also need a little more frequent upkeep than stone pavers when building outdoor living spaces.


Both materials are reasonably long-lasting, although pavers can support almost four times as much weight as concrete. Concrete can also crack in unfavorable circumstances, like excessive weight or if the earth beneath the structure changes or erodes.

Pavers can last 50 to 100 years, depending on the material they’re made with. If the fracture is more severe than a little one, it will require considerable repair work and, in many cases, which tend to be expensive and challenging. In contrast, you may just replace the damaged pavers rather than having to rebuild the entire area if, in the unlikely case, part of the pavers sustain irreparable damage.

What To Know About Paver Stone

signature landscape landscaping mission viejo what to know about paver stone

All of these categories are covered by both natural stone and interlock pavers. Therefore the decision between the two is the actual challenge. Interlock pavers are a popular choice among other hardscape materials because they are customizable.

They are perfect and appropriate for any project because they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s up to you whether to use complementary pavers or arrange them in a pattern utilizing a wide range of alternative color choices.

The solidity of these pavers is the next advantage; they interlock easily and produce a firm surface. There is little danger of their moving over time if they are attached properly.

What To Know About Interlock Pavers

Natural stone is used in hardscape construction to make flagstone pavers for those who want to retain walls. Some of the most popular types are granite, slate, and limestone. Limestone is one of the most popular variants when building swimming pools since it prevents water build-up and slipping over time.

Flagstone is cut very differently than the pavers we previously described because it often comes in square or rectangular shapes rather than interlocking pieces. Although square pieces are more common, some homeowners prefer a more natural look when retaining walls. Since all it entails is arranging pieces of all sizes and shapes randomly, it seamlessly holds them together using grout.

It’s important to know that your location has a significant impact on the color of your flagstones. The majority of neighborhoods have gray and brownstones, although you might also discover green or reddish ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pavers And Hardscaping

Here are some commonly asked questions about hardscape construction and pavers to help you easily decide on your next remodel.

Why is hardscape important?

While softscaping gives your garden soul and character, hardscaping gives it a certain edge and depth. All amazing residential landscapes combine softscaping and hardscaping tricks to create a unified look. Without a nice hardscape, your garden will seem somehow incomplete.

Which pavers are the strongest?

1. Cobblestones are the most durable pavers constructed of natural stone often obtained from quarries. These practically durable pavers feature a rough texture that offers driveways, patios, and walkways a lovely appearance that can last a lifetime. They can last for more than a century.

What part of hardscaping is the most crucial?

2. By bridging the gap between a home’s interior and outside, hardscaping may significantly enhance the look and allure of outdoor living space. When constructing a smooth and aesthetically beautiful design, you should consider places like paths, pathways, and patios.

Visualize Your Outdoor Aesthetic With Your Signature Landscape

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