Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to get your landscape design in Mission Viejo ready for summer! This season means warm weather and outdoor activities that keep us outside for hours.

A significant portion of that time should also be devoted to caring for the landscape around our homes.

Maintaining your yard’s health throughout the summer depends on what lawn care techniques you implement in the spring. Start early in the year to ensure that your lawn will be resilient to the sun, weeds, insects, and heavy foot traffic throughout the year.

Follow these guidelines to prepare your yard to grow nice and green for the summer.

Taking Care of Your Landscape Design in Orange County, California

You can confidently stay on top of things with each item on this to-do list. These are planned and tailored to work with California’s Mediterranean climate. Learn new tips, stay organized, and feel satisfied as you cross off tasks one by one on this list.

Consider these tips when getting your landscape ready for the summer heat!

Clean-up Lawn

Make sure to remove fallen fruit, leaves, nuts, and mummies to discourage fungal growth and pests. Get rid of the old protective mulch and clean up the dead leaves.

Clear your yard from end to end with a rake to eliminate thatch or decaying plant material accumulating on the ground. A thick layer of those can prevent sunlight and water from reaching far down to the roots. 

Mow Grass

Maintain a regular grass-cutting schedule. Generally, mowing should be done once a week, though how fast your grass grows will depend on current California weather conditions.

If you’re not sure of the right length, go with the longest setting on your mower. Taller grass requires less fertilizer, stays green longer, and covers the soil more effectively. To be certain, contact a landscape contractor in Orange County, CA.

Generally, lawn grass should have a height of 2.5 inches to 3 inches, except for the hottest part of the summer when you should let the grass grow about half an inch longer. Avoid cutting more than a third of the blade at a time, as this may result in structural damage to the grass.

Prune Plants

Pruning trees and shrubs are essential. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed by cutting away dead and overgrown branches. This process encourages healthy growth by removing dead, infested, or weather-damaged parts of the plant. Additionally, it allows you to control the growth of the tree or shrub, which results in a more aesthetic appearance.

Trim away dead and damaged limbs first. Typically, these are easy to spot because of their colorless appearance and lack of living foliage. When dead limbs are present, they are an eyesore. In worse cases, a disease can spread to the rest of the plant.

However, avoid heavy pruning. Make sure only to prune plants from your landscape design in Orange County, California, when it is needed. Considering how hot the summer can be in California, what would be the point of pruning trees and branches that provide shade? 


Fertilizers improve the soil’s nutrient content and keep grass thick and lush. Choose the suitable feed and fertilizer for your plants. You need the right fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy, but using the wrong kind or too much fertilizer, can cause even more damage. 

For summertime, slow-release fertilizer with a lower nitrogen content will be the best all-around choice, but it’s essential to understand your grass’s specific needs before making a selection. You might want to reach out to Orange County landscape architects for the best advice. Moreover, to survive a long, hot summer, various types of grass require different nutrients. 

By utilizing the right fertilizer on your grass, it will be able to handle heat and drought better, will be less prone to diseases, and will be more resistant to insects. Furthermore, a properly fertilized lawn requires minimal watering and maintenance.

Set Up Irrigation

Water your garden consistently by installing a sprinkler system. During the dry summer heat, your plants and grass will need a lot of water to survive. Even if your area receives a lot of rainfall, you cannot count on natural moisture to keep your plants healthy.

Sprinkler systems should be set up to run every 24 hours so your lawn and surrounding plants can receive sufficient water. Ensure that a proper drainage system is in place to avoid drowning your plants.

To let water penetrate the root zone and prevent runoff, it is best to water slowly and gradually. Setting up your sprinkler system to run on a timer and moving in smooth, sweeping motions will do the trick. Water your grass during the cool morning hours, preferably around 9 a.m., so the moisture goes directly to the grass and does not evaporate due to heat.

Use Mulch

Summer is the perfect time for mulching. Landscape contractors in Orange County, CA, recommend it to prevent weeds from growing in gardens while improving the soil’s overall quality.

Mulch comes in several varieties that people can use to take their gardens or yards to a whole new level this summer. You should select one that is suitable for the plants in your garden.

Mulching around your plants reduces moisture loss throughout hot summers and keeps roots cool. To protect growing roots from heat and water stress, apply 2 inches to 3 inches of mulch where the area is thin or where the soil is bare.

To protect them from pathogens, mulch should be kept 12 inches from tree trunks and 6 inches from perennials.

Aerate Lawn

Aerate your lawn to encourage the healthy growth of roots. This allows for better water and nutrient penetration—allowing the grass to breathe. It is much more difficult for plants and grass to survive during the hottest time in California summer if you do not aerate your lawn sufficiently.

Your lawn may need to be aerated if the best fertilizer and thorough watering fail to keep its luster through the season. Dig a 4-foot-deep sample to determine whether your grass needs aeration.

You should aerate your lawn if it has a grass mat layer higher than half an inch. If you don’t have an aeration machine, you can rent one from a hardware store or hire Orange County landscape architects to do it for you.

Work with a Trusted Landscape Contractor in Orange County, CA

Contact our team of landscaping experts for your landscaping needs in Orange County, California, you can surely count on the best services for your lawn and have it ready for the summer!
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