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The Orange County region of California is home to a number of vibrant towns attracting visitors from all over the world. Many people live in the region due to its near-constant sunshine, sprawling beaches, and diverse culture.

An hour away from Los Angeles, Orange County combines beach life and great outdoors to create the ideal community. In OC, the Mediterranean climate keeps it warm all year long, so locals can enjoy the mountains and beaches any time of year.

The tropical climate and prime location of Orange County make it a highly sought-after real estate market in Southern California. Within the area, you will find a number of cities and towns, each with something unique to offer.

You can increase your home’s value and enhance your outdoor space by improving your landscape design in Orange County. If you’re in need of landscape design in Orange County, Signature Landscape is the right choice. We are passionate about bringing your vision to life through exquisite landscape design!

Importance of Hardscape Elements in Landscaping

Any luxurious landscape design must include hardscaping. No matter what type of garden you want in your home, you should never ignore the importance of hardscaping. A beautifully landscaped lawn won’t be complete if its soft elements aren’t complemented by hardscapes.

In major remodelling or construction projects, hardscape is an essential element of the overall design package. Hardscape design plays an important role in structuring your outdoor space. In addition to being functional, it can also be decorative.

By using patterns, it links all the other elements together and creates borders for natural elements like stone, mulch, and plantings. This provides a cohesive foundation for the gardens and the exterior landscape.

Hardscaping can be done with various materials, including natural stone, concrete, and brick. Patios, driveways, paths, and areas around pools are the most common hardscaping features. Most of the time, hardscape still refers to paved spaces, but the term can also refer to some outdoor structures, such as retaining walls.


In Orange County, we understand that landscaping your outdoor space is a long-term investment. As a leading hardscape contractor in Orange County, CA, Signature Landscape strives to create unique, well-designed outdoor spaces possible.

Among the trusted names in landscaping, Signature Landscape serves Orange County and the surrounding areas. With hardscaping, our clients can add an extra touch to their landscaped areas. To envision the backyard of your dreams, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of softscape and hardscape elements.

Hardscape vs Softscape: What’s the Difference? 

A landscape’s two main elements are its hardscape and its softscape. Understanding the two is key to designing harmonious outdoor living spaces. For the most part, hardscape and softscape are the exact opposites of one another, but both are critical for the proper function of a landscape.

In a landscape design, softscape features make up the “soft” horticultural components. Among them are flowers, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. Your garden’s soul and character are characterized by softscaping, while hardscaping defines its edge and depth.

While softscaping involves trees, shrubs, soil, grass, and other light materials, hardscaping refers to the concrete areas that surround your home. Hardscapes are composed of hard materials used for everything from driveways to walkways to patios and sitting areas in the backyard.

In order to create a cohesive look, amazing residential landscapes combine softscaping and hardscaping techniques. Having a nice hardscape in your garden will make it seem more complete. Ideally, a landscape should incorporate both elements in harmony.

Our skilled hardscape contractors at Signature Landscape know how to seamlessly blend hardscape and softscape elements to create a harmonious look for your outdoor space.

Turn to Signature Landscape For Modern Hardscaping

Landscape design isn’t just about the front yard or garden – hardscaping is essential when creating a unified design theme. One of the elements of modern design is the use of almost exclusively straight lines rather than curves throughout a property, from the home to the front yard to the hardscaping.

Modern hardscape design makes it easier and safer for homeowners to move around their yards. Hardscaping designs that use simplicity as a core element of inspiration are perfect for walkways, patios, grilling areas, and pools.

Clean lines, muted colors, and perfect measurement are all features of our designs, so they don’t detract from a modern house’s symmetrical aesthetic.

In addition to installing patios, fire pits, grilling areas, outdoor kitchens, and modern walkways with clean lines and colors that complement your home and yard, we can help with site development as well.

Modern homes and yards often feature artificial grass, wood, metal, and concrete design elements to contrast with green grass. Hardscaping stones and cement surfaces of any color, shape, and size can be customized by our design team.

Signature Landscape specializes in transforming your outdoor area ideas into reality. As part of the process, you’ll always receive a free design consultation and estimate, and you’ll see a color design before work begins.

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Throughout the entire project, we’ll ensure all of your landscaping needs are met according to your expectations. In addition, our Orange County landscape architects adhere to all city and state regulations, and we create the landscape project of our clients’ dreams.

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