6 Reasons a Stunning Backyard Pool Hardscaping Increases Property Value

June 6, 2022 / Written by: Signature Landscape

June 6, 2022
Written by: Signature Landscape

There are numerous ways to spruce up the outdoor space of your home. From hardscaping and landscaping, to pool landscaping, there is a laundry list of available options. One example is backyard pool hardscaping, which is not only a functional addition to your home but also increases your property's value.

There are backyard hardscape ideas on a budget for those who don't want to burn their pockets but still want to enjoy their dream outdoor living space. Building an above-ground pool area in your backyard creates a modern vibe to your property.

Now, you might be asking yourself if you should work with hardscaping contractors near me, the answer is yes, because this ensures you an outdoor space that is cohesive to your home's design. Professionals would be able to come up with pool landscaping ideas and help you choose the right plants, greenery, flowers, trees, shrubs, grass, stone pavers, and lighting.

A pool area or garden lounge for your family to enjoy would be a great addition to your backyard pool—this is also the perfect space to host weekend barbecues with your family or friends that is close to nature or simply a quiet spot for your kids to swim with their friends.

Having a modern swimming pool in your outdoor space is a long-term investment if you've decided to sell your property. Below are six reasons you should consider building a new pool in your backyard.

Reasons a Well-Designed Swimming Pool Increases Your Property Value

A trusted hardscaping contractor provides suitable and affordable services for hardscape, landscape design, and pool design. In addition, the services provided by professionals offering affordable hardscaping near me won't just result in an ordinary-looking outdoor space or garden, they will incorporate your design preference for your backyard pool.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, a well-landscaped home can raise a homeowner's property value by up to 20%. So, to get the most out of your investment, make sure the landscaping is done correctly.

Investing in high-quality materials and hiring a competent and professional landscaper can make all the difference and here are the reasons a well-designed pool can increase your property's value.

It Sells Your Home Faster

For a variety of reasons, a home with attractive pool landscaping sells faster. Many homeowners do not spend as much money on the outside of their homes as they do on the inside. But taking the initiative and adding a seating area, around the pool makes for an inviting space.

Properties that sell fast are valued at higher prices than those that take longer to be out of the market. A beautiful home also distinguishes your property from the others—making it stand out in the eyes of potential buyers.

It Shows You Care

Potential buyers will notice your attractive backyard pool hardscaping, as well as the meticulous care to maintain the immaculate landscape. This shows how much value you're giving your home.

Buying a home is a significant commitment, and knowing that it has been carefully maintained can take a positive effect on the buyer's decision.

It Increases Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home sends a strong message to your neighbors and passers-by and contributes to the neighborhood's general appeal.

A community with lush well-kept lawns, flower beds, hot tubs, fire pits, and pools exudes quality—attracting real estate hunters and giving the impression that the homes are well-maintained.

The value of your home is increased by enhancing its curb appeal with a pool landscaping design that would create a unique appeal to your property, making it stand out.

It Adds Living Space

Having a functional front yard and backyard with pavers and custom pool landscaping extends your home's living area, compared to an empty ground with a handful of rocks. This can boost its value and provide a perfect location to enjoy with loved ones during the vibrant spring and warm summer months.

A beautiful summertime patio or deck can be built by professional pool builders and landscapers, adding charm to your property. An attractive aspect of any property is having a fantastic outside place to enjoy leisure time, and the investment will pay for itself over time.

It Sets You Apart

Most homes have grass in the front yard, backyard, or around the pool area with a stone path and a few plants or greenery to bring some life. However, if your property has extra special landscaping that sets it out from the others like a unique water feature, it is usually valued compared to other properties on the market.

By adding an attractive pool landscape design to your property, it'll have the advantage of getting a potential buyer's attention. Custom landscape design not only provides a good first impression but also leaves a lasting effect.

It's Good for the Environment

There are numerous environmental benefits to planting greens on your property. Plants, flowers, and trees on your lawn improve the quality of the air.

Moreover, having useful outdoor places encourages residents in inner-city neighborhoods to engage with others, improving social relations.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Now that we've gone through the reasons for you to consider, let's go over some pool landscaping ideas to choose from.

Plant Islands

You may bring the flora into your pool by placing it on an island construction right in the middle for a unique design that conjures a tropical resort. Palm trees are a great choice for this sort of thing.

Enhancing Night Lights

Pool landscaping is enhanced by utilizing lighting. It can draw attention to specific elements like shrubs and trees while also improving the general atmosphere of a newly manicured area.

String lights are a pool lighting solution that is more about style than function, but the mood created by a set of warm lights is unrivaled.

Hire a Reliable Hardscaping Contractors Near Me

Hiring a professional to help you choose the best pool landscaping ideas for your property is the best way to build and create your dream outdoor living space.

Our team of hardscaping and landscaping experts is ready to work with you from start to finish. To learn more about our backyard hardscaping and pool hardscape service, contact us at 949-755-8636 at Signature Landscape today!

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