6 Considerations in Choosing a Best Pool Shape

February 7, 2022 / Written by: Signature Landscape

February 7, 2022
Written by: Signature Landscape

While the majority of customers choose a kidney-shaped or rectangular pool, this does not mean that choosing a pool shape is easy. Some individuals are persistent in their desires and cannot be swayed even if a different shape would better suit their landscaping or fit their space. Others stress over the selection — and we can't blame them. It's not as if you can return the swimming pool once it's installed. 

If you're undecided about your pool's shape or there is debate in your family about your new pool construction, Orange County residents can turn to Signature Landscape's expertise. Below are 6 considerations in choosing pool shapes.

1. Space

“How wide is your open space?"

"How much backyard space do you have?”

“Where are you going to install the pool?”

“Do you wish to retain any trees or other landscaping features?”

“Do you wish to incorporate elements such as a lounge space with an outdoor fireplace, a picnic area, or an outdoor kitchen? If so, how close do you want them to your pool?”

Here are the questions you must ask yourself before anything else. A rectangles' regular shape makes it simple to construct "zones" in your backyard for various types of activity. A property with an irregular shape may be an excellent candidate for a free-form, figure 8, or kidney-shaped pool. Do you have a yard that is formed like an 'L'? If yes, go for an 'L'-shaped swimming pool.

2. Functionality

Rectangular pools are great for lap swimming and sports. Do you want the space to dive? Pick a good shape that easily accommodates a deep end, such as a rectangle, lazy 'L,' or kidney. If younger children will use the pool, select a regular shape for safety purposes since uneven curves and hidden corners may make it even harder to keep track of little swimmers

If relaxation is a primary concern, an oval, round, kidney, or freeform pool shape will suffice. Would you like to reserve specific areas of the pool for different activities, like inground pool parties? A figure 8, kidney, or L-shape is preferable.

3. Features

Think about the structural and decorative features you wish to incorporate into your pool project. A hot tub attached to your home, for example, will alter the form of an otherwise basic rectangle. If you're considering installing a water feature, what "look" do you prefer — a formal fountain or rock waterfall? A kidney-shaped pool allows for the addition of bench seating or a tanning ledge at the point of indentation. A rectangular backyard pool offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to ledges and in-pool seating. You can even ask yourself if a slide complement a kidney or a free-form pool will be better in your yard.

4. Type

If you prefer a vinyl-lined pool, the only shape restrictions are those in your imagination. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool is available in a limited number of predetermined shapes.

For best options, only the right contractors can provide you with detailed and structured pool shapes that are best for your outdoor space. For quality pool design contractors, Orange County residents can turn to YourSignatureLandscape.

5. Appearance

Take into account the architecture of your home and any additional buildings on your property. The best approach is to stand in your yard and look back at your home, then enter your home and gaze out at your yard. What shape would be complementary to both perspectives? For instance, a geometrically powerful modern home may benefit from the straight lines of rectangular or 'L' shaped pools. 

A rambling home or English cottage may benefit from a free-form shape that resembles a pond and complements rocks and other natural landscaping features. A 1950s or 1960s bungalow or a contemporary (but not "modern") home may be ideal for a kidney shape. A Grecian or Roman design is best complemented by classical architecture and formal landscaping.

6. Budget

For most instances, the shape of the swimming pool has little bearing on the cost of a vinyl-lined or fiberglass pool. However, if you're considering concrete (also called gunite), keep in mind that the more complex the shape, the pricier the installation. (If you can purchase a concrete pool, however, the cost may not be an issue for you!)

Now that you've gathered all the considerations necessary to make the best pool shape decision, how about landscaping? At Signature Landscape, we offer the best landscaping ideas around swimming pools to ensure the health of your plants — and your pocket.


Best Pool Types

1. Freeform Swimming Pools Orange County Ca

Freeform pools are a great way to create a natural-looking, lagoon-style pool. These pools have gentle curves and a variety of depths, making them perfect for creating a relaxing swimming spot. Freeform pools often have tanning ledges built into them, creating a perfect spot for sunbathing.

2. Swimming Pool Tanning Ledges Orange County Ca

Swimming pool tanning ledges are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your pool. They provide a comfortable spot for sunbathing and are perfect for large groups of people wanting to relax and catch some rays. Tanning ledges also provide a great spot for kids to play in the shallow end.

3. Kidney Pool With Tanning Ledge

A kidney pool with a tanning ledge is a classic shape that has been updated with modern features. This type of pool features a kidney-shaped design with a shallow, tanning shelf built into one end. The ledge is usually around 18” deep and provides a comfortable spot to soak up the sun. Some kidney pools with tanning ledges also come with built-in seating areas and umbrellas for added convenience.

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