Many homeowners long to build a pool in their backyard — but the only thing holding them back is their assumption that it will be extremely costly. The reality is that the cost of a pool project varies significantly, and there is a lot you can do (or not do) to save cost, pool construction may bring. 

Fortunately, downsizing the cost does not necessarily result in bad quality. After all, you should still make sure your new swimming pool purchase should be something you can be proud of when entertaining family and friends in the summer months. This is why when it comes to new pool construction, Orange County residents should hire only the best pool design contractors.

Beyond hiring the best pool company, here are a few more tips to keep in mind to save on the construction of your residential swimming pool.

1. Pool Size Doesn’t Always Matter

If you want to save on a major construction project cost, opt for a smaller pool. After all, the cost of the pipes, filters, and other equipment increases as the size of inground pools expands. Keep in mind that if you’re building a pool for your children, they’d prefer a little pool to no pool at all. 

Additionally, an inground pool installation is less expensive than others. The bottom line is to be receptive to these suggestions and make an informed choice. For reputable, pool design contractors, Orange County residents can trust Signature Landscape for various size options.

2. Pick A Location Wisely

In general, positioning the swimming pool closer to the house can help you save money on energy and water. By placing it further out in your yard, you add extra space between your home and the new pool. As a result, your expenditure on decking, pool pavers, and other construction work will increase. Having your dream pool close to your home not only saves you money in the long run but also creates an appealing atmosphere.

3. Remember That Features Are Not Always Needed

Water features are a great idea to enhance the appearance of your inground pool — but if you’re on a budget, you may want to forgo it. Children are uninterested whether the pool lacks a fountain. They simply want to dive into the crystal blue water and splash you while you relax in your lounge chair. Several of these pool features can simply be added in the future.

If you want to go swimming, it makes more sense to build your pool and start enjoying it immediately rather than waiting until you can afford all of the additional features. Consider the pool’s planned use. 

4. Avoid Trees That Just Get In The Way

Regardless of how attractive they appear, avoid growing trees and plants around your inground pool site. These trees produce numerous leaves, which may end up in the water, raising your annual maintenance costs. Instead, choose tropical palms or plants. They shed significantly less than conventional trees.

It is possible to construct a pool on a small budget or a good price. As demonstrated by this list, your pool budget can be enough by skipping features you don’t need now and just adding them on later. You never know; if you leave the feature out and keep the inground pool for a few years, you may realize that you don’t miss it.


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