Hardscaping can provide many years of durable beauty around your home. With that in mind, it’s crucial to find a hardscape contractor that knows the correct ways to install hardscaping to ensure everything stays looking flawless.

In this article, we’ll help you discover 11 ways to determine the right hardscape contractors for your next project. Finding the best hardscape contractor for your Orange County yard doesn’t have to be hard—you just need to check off these key factors.

One—Find A Hardscape Contractor Who Understands The Details That Matter Most

Long-term satisfaction with your hardscaping hinges upon clear communication of your vision for the project. Collecting pictures of the types of designs you like to provide initial guidance for the hardscaping designer is invaluable.

Beyond the aesthetic aspects, a quality hardscape designer will ask how you’ll use the space. Will you be entertaining large crowds on a patio, or do you just want an outdoor kitchen for your family of four?

Collaborating with the designer in the initial phases of the project should be a smooth process that reveals what options are available. Keep in mind—hardscaping lasts many years, so be sure to consider all the features you may want.

Two—Review Photos Of Their Previous Work

The next step when selecting a hardscape contractor is reviewing examples of their work, preferably in-person, but at least with high-quality photos. A quality contractor will have many different examples of what type of hardscaping they can do—not just patios or retaining walls. 

Checking out the photos of previous projects will give you design ideas and show you what level of creativity and expertise the contractor has. 

Beyond photos, the best way to determine the quality of hardscaping a contractor produces is by seeing their work in person. Ask for an address or two of previous hardscaping clients to see how their work withstands the test of time.

Three—Quality Hardscape Contractors Have Certifications

Hardscaping is a skill that requires honing over time and specialized training that comes with certifications. Search for hardscape contractors who are certified for the type of work you need to be done. Note, there are two primary certifications, ICPI and NCMA, for hardscaping. These certifications cover patios, walkways, and retaining walls. 

Aside from being certified, how many years of experience does the contractor have under their belt? Signature Landscape has nearly 30 years of hardscaping experience, making us the premier choice for Orange County homeowners.

Four—Ask Hardscape Contractors For Proof Of Insurance

Ensuring you won’t be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur on your property is essential. Be sure to check that your hardscape contractor has insurance before signing a contract.  

Five—Find Out What Their Hardscape Design Process Is

The quality and durability of any hardscaping project is determined by the design process. The best hardscape designs maximize the available space for your budget, and that’s enabled by 3-D design. 

Being able to view a 3-D rendering of your proposed hardscape design will help you visualize the design before the project starts. Once the rendering is approved, plans are drawn up for installation crews that ensure a precise, durable end product that’s beautiful.

Six—Determine Details Before Hiring A Hardscape Contractor 

  • How will excavation and sub-base preparation work?
  • What will the base material be, and how is it compacted?
  • Where will Geotextile fabric be used?
  • What type of drainage will be installed?
  • What type of jointing sand will be used?
  • Will Geogrid reinforcement be used on retaining walls?

Seven—Always Get A Written Estimate And Signed Contract

Verbal agreements aren’t sufficient for hardscaping projects. The investment is significant enough that it’s key to always get everything in writing along with a signature from both parties to ensure there are zero miscommunications. Once hardscaping is complete, it’s not easily modified. Be sure of everything up-front.

Eight—Verify Past Client References

There are a variety of hardscaping contractors to choose from in Orange County, so talk to past clients to refine your search. References can help you find a contractor who knows how to build the longest-lasting hardscapes.

You may start by checking reviews online, but direct references are far more viable sources of feedback. An experienced and licensed hardscape contractor will be comfortable and confident in giving you as many references as you’d like.

Nine—Hardscape Contractors Should Guarantee Their Work

Your hardscape contractor should guarantee their work and provide a warranty for the final product. Be sure that if any damage to your hardscaping results from the contractor’s improper installation or faulty material, you won’t be held left paying for the repairs.

Ten—Don’t Gloss Over The Details

When hiring a hardscape contractor, there are numerous important details to address before starting the work. It’s crucial to determine what a realistic project timeline is, ensure proper documentation, and verify you won’t be held liable for any accidents on your property.

The best hardscape contractors will be able to give you precise timelines and details regarding the project, so you have a clear understanding at all times. Some of the details to address when beginning a hardscaping project include:

  • Asking your HOA what they require prior to hiring a contractor
  • The estimated start date and end date of the project
  • Payment terms and conditions if there are delays
  • Who handles any permits required for the project

Eleven—Find Hardscaping Contractors In Orange County With A Reliable Track Record

The hardscaping team at Signature Landscaping takes great pride in building outdoor environments with exceptional attention to detail, unbeatable customer service, and beautiful designs. 

Some of our crew members have been creating beautiful hardscapes for over 20 years, alongside project managers who’ve been with us for over 30 years. Rest assured, our team has the experience to get the job done right every time.

When you want quality work and services that will wow you and your neighbors, Signature Landscape is the hardscape contractor to call in Orange County.

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